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Power Line Technician

Matt Wilson Testimonial
Matt Wilson,
Power Line Technician,

“To me, there was no other job I had heard of that offered what this trade does; that is, the exciting, changing environment that is working with electricity on this scale. Every day, you must be focused and ready to learn, and the reward is a career with lots of opportunity's, and many challenges to continually grow and serve the needs of our society. I especially enjoy the challenge of combining all of our technical and practical skills to create the finished product, and have the confidence to do it safely and be home at the end of the day.”


Karen Potter testimonial
Karen Porter,
IBEW Journeyperson
Electrician working
at BC Hydro

“For an active person like myself, the idea of sitting behind a desk felt too much like school and the idea of working a labour job where there was no mental challenge was not appealing either. So what was I to do? This is where the trades appealed to me, and ended up being the right choice for me as I have worked the last 15 years as an electrician. The job is physically active and also challenges me mentally; it's a great fit for who I am. Skilled trades are wide open and have lots to offer many different people. Just take a look!”


Power Systems Operator

Lee Baxter Testimonial
Lee Baxter,
Load Operator, BCTC

“I enjoy working as a Load Operator at BCTC because there is always interesting work to be done and new things to learn. My job is exciting because you never know when something big is going to happen; it could be a quiet day and then something might occur half-way across the province which causes your day to speed up.  My managers are helpful in showing the way when I have a question and allow me time for on-the-job training.  With the Real Time Operations team, I am able to face challenges and complete work with the satisfaction of a job well done.”

Sustainable Future Facilitator

Jana Hanova Testimonial
Jana Hanova,
Strategic Technology
Professional, BC Hydro

“I focus on alternative energy technologies that aren’t yet part of B.C.’s electricity mix. One of my current projects is accelerating the deployment of geothermal energy – a technology that uses underground heat to make electricity. It all started in high school when I enjoyed a lot of different things: hiking, snowboarding, music, but especially geology. After a bachelor’s in Geology, I pursued a Masters in Resource Management and Environmental Studies. Both degrees helped me understand energy and the environment, but I also learned multi-disciplinary and creative problem solving. What I enjoy most about my job is being able to help the environment – Energy is an important part of our life, and I love being part of a movement that helps us tap into the many forms of renewable energy we have available in B.C.”

Smart Energy Specialist

Joy Beauchamp testimonial
Joy Beauchamp,
Certified Energy Advisor

"I became a Certified Energy Advisor after working as an advisor's assistant for a number of months. The job was a perfect fit for me as it allowed me to combine my environmental education and communication skills with my desire to help bring about positive environmental change. The combination of working from home and working in the field, which in this job means conducting home energy assessments, provides a nice balance of office work, computer work, public engagement and hands-on investigation. At times it feels like you are a detective, trying to solve the mystery of the high heating bills, cold rooms or moisture issues. The best part of the job is inspiring people to learn about residential energy efficiency and giving them practical advice on how to improve the comfort and performance of their homes. It's a job where you really feel like you're making a difference."


Valentina Dabic testimonial
Valentina Dabic,
Senior Engineer, BC Hydro

“How would you like to have the electricity network at the palm of your hands? That’s what it feels like when you’re an Electrical Engineer. You can do so many cool things that will help improve power delivery, conserve energy or shorten the time without electricity. In this career you will use very specialized knowledge and advanced technologies to make our electrical distribution system more reliable and sustainable. This is my dream job. I enjoy working in a dynamic environment where technology is constantly changing and I never stop learning. University provides a solid foundation for this career and from there you will have the ability to build on that knowledge and expand it through your work. I am proud of being a part of team that is dedicated to encouraging sustainable use of our resources and insuring that future generations will have access to the same comforts we have.”

Project Manager

Janos Toth testimonial
Janos Toth,
Ph.D., P.Eng., P.E., PMP,
Project Manager, BCTC

"I like working at BCTC as a research and development project manager because my job is professionally challenging, intellectually interesting and personally rewarding. My job gives me opportunity to meet people from all over the word from other utilities, universities, research institutions, and companies. In my work I can grow professionally and personally while at the same time meeting the company’s objectives and achieving my career goals."


Operations Manager

Amy Stevenson testimonial
Amy Stevenson,
Vice President,
Columbia Power

"I really appreciate and value my Engineering education and profession. It provides a solid basis for a wide variety of careers, from design, construction and operations roles to sales, business and management. The education was practical and interesting. The profession has a high ethical standard and encourages its members to practice Engineering for the benefit of public safety, social values and the environment. This practice of applying technical knowledge to find solutions in a complex framework of technical, social and environmental framework is of key importance in our world today. "

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