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What does a Sustainable Future Facilitator do?

BC is known the world over for its unspoiled natural beauty. Keeping it this way is important to everyone and a growing number of jobs in the electricity sector are geared to ensuring a clean energy future.

A key way of helping the environment is to eliminate waste. Home and Building Energy Efficiency Evaluators are experts at helping people reduce their energy consumption and heating costs. By testing homes and buildings for things like heat loss through doors and windows or poor insulation, you can figure out how owners or renters can use energy more efficiently. You can also calculate savings and point out technology options and incentive programs that might help pay for the upgrades.

A new generation of experts in green design and construction are helping to implement these solutions. Green Building Consultants are educating people on eco-friendly construction, helping Energy Efficient Home Builders and Contractors adopt smarter energy designs, techniques and materials. This, in turn, drives the need for people like Energy Efficient Window and Door Installers and Green Heating and Cooling System Contractors.

As we move away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy such as wind, hydro, biomass, solar, tidal and wave power, Renewable Energy Specialists are required to design, build and install green power generation systems. These projects are also fuelling a need for experts such as Environmental Coordinators who work with various groups to make sure projects are safe for the environment and respect all regulations. They also design procedures and emergency response measures that protect fish and wildlife and monitor operations to ensure that their plans are followed. If you’re committed to the environment, maybe one of these green future jobs if for you!


What’s the commitment?

Depending on how far you go into your area of specialisation an industry designation or college diploma could take six months to three years, whereas a university degree could take four to five years or more. Familiarity with the latest green technology is a must and specialized training courses will get you there faster than on-the-job training alone. Of course, your first commitment as a Sustainable Future Facilitator is to the environment!


What do I need to apply?

A college or university degree in a relevant field and/or an ability to work your way up and gain knowledge of energy efficiency practices.
Good knowledge of green technology solutions and sustainable energy practices.

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